Saturday, January 24, 2015

Taking Breaks

I took a break from blogging and from the social interaction for a bit.It's good to do when things need done.I've managed to get some much needed organizing on the house and cleaning.It's been wet and cold here and I mixed up a brew of honey and lemon and garlic with apple cider vinegar and I take a spoon a day.So far no colds and sniffles.

Orion has been sleeping during this cold period and he loves it outside. We thought we were going to get some snow last night but it fizzled out.The weather is finally getting back into the upper 40s' and lower 50s'.I can handled that. I seen some really pretty snow pictures from the middle to upper U.S. and wow I wouldn't want to be there.I don't mind snow but I just don't like a lot of it.

I have gotten some more seed catalogs in and have been planning out the garden layout.I think I have managed the setup so far.I'm putting in four raised beds of concrete blocks and two trellis for my luffas and dipper gourds.I'm also growing the corsican gourds and basket gourds too.I haven't found a place for them yet in the yard.I have all my seeds ready to go and I've recycled some containers to get them growing in.I'm suspecting that some of my giant basket gourd seeds may not be any good so this year I'm planting what I have and hope they all come up.If not I'll at least get a few gourds with the seeds and do more next year.

A friend of hubsteads from work has let us go in with him for some deer meat.Yeah I like deer and wished I had some elk and buffalo.But the freezer looks pretty full even though it's a small one.And we won't starve.I'll eat this deer meat because it's so lean not like cow meat and now it is getting hard for me to eat cow. This summer I'll eat more out of the garden and less meat. I can't wait to go fishing too,been too cooped up. Been eyeballing my rod and reel!

February is right around the corner and then March yah!!!!  I'm hoping like crazy we have an early Spring so I can get some of these seeds going,wouldn't that be nice? I would love to have a greenhouse but I really think we don't have the room for one out back.By the time I get the garden in and the smokehouse gets built and the chicken coop in,half an acre is used up pretty darn quick.Actually a little less than half an acre.I just don't want to cram alot in a small space.I'm planting some stuff in the front yard(hubstead isn't pleased about that)but I need the room.Oh and flowers this year too I'm planting a whole bunch of flowers.It'll be fun they said.It better be!

Well that's all that's been going on.I'm back on here and will write more.I don't think I'll be doing a lot for the next month but anything can pop up here.

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