Friday, January 2, 2015

The three Ps

Ok yeah I know hahaha.Plant,Pray and Pick! Yeah that's good right? That's what I'm doing this year.I love my ideas in the morning.This morning it's raining and boy I got a lot to do. That time of the month we all dread. At least I get breakfast out of it.

I repotted my celery and it went alittle limp but keeping an eye on it,remember it's an experiment on my part.However my other plants are doing great! Everyone is nice and warm and cozy.My avocado has grown some more ,it's a foot high now.I planted the Cherimoya seeds and can't wait to see how they do.Don't know what one is?

from the

This is it.I have 5 seeds and hopefully they will come up.I've never tried to grow a tree before.ok,the avocado one ,but,not like this.These guys are suppose to grow 20 feet tall and I got 5 of them ?mmmm. Me thinks I bit off more than I can eat eh? anyway it's gonna be interesting.

Well that's it for this round.It's been a nice to start the new year off planting already.

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