Thursday, January 29, 2015

So Many Questions

I've had people ask me "why move to the country?".I answer with the peace and quiet,the better air,the waking up in the mornings to silence. Then the next question "why chickens?". I answer fresh eggs instead not knowing how long the eggs in the supermarket has been sitting there.And why a garden? Easy,fresh vegetables. I traded in my long manicured nails  and makeup,which by the way I own none of it,for garden gloves and sweat. Well they answer "I couldn't do that". Yep it takes a certain breed of people I think to do what we do. The want has to be there. Most of my ancestors were farmers and I think I take after them.My grandparents lived in the country and I cherished those visits I had with them.The summers I spent with other relatives and being around goats and pigs and horses made me love it even more.The want was there,I just had to find a way to get there myself. I don't answer very many people because I feel they want to do it too but don't know how and no matter how much I can explain it,it makes things worse.Maybe it's just me. I tell them if you want to do it just do it.You may have to start from the ground up(like me) but after a few years your work is done.We still have a lot to do here to get this place up and running and it takes time.Some people want instant gratification but I think that it takes the pride in what you do away from it. It's sitting back and saying yeah I got that done today.You'll find something to do everyday like that. Running a homestead is not easy but that's my gratification.

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