Saturday, March 10, 2018

New Plants are Here

I decided to go for the full thing this year.I ordered the tea plant and its amazing!
Its so pretty and the flower smells so good!

Planted 11 strawberries today.Couldn't put in the raised beds yet,RAIN, again.We're so wet here in the south.I'll be glad when we dry out.Ok an update about the dragon fruit.I had to cancel that order and reorder from another place.Something wasn't right about the them so....

I'm having an PH meter coming in because I did get blueberry bushes two of them.So this year will be different with plants.I guess that means I'm settling in finally.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Plants this Year

I'm excited! Tomorrow expecting my tea plant to come in.If it does well I'll order another.It's called camellia sinesis if you want to look it up.My Dragonfruit however is on hold and I didn't know why til I figured out it would have to go thru some cold shipping distribution places to get here,a.k.a. Denver,Colorado and Fort Worth,Tx and Dallas.So,it's going to be awhile til I get it.That's ok for now.It was cold here this morning 30 degrees.The peas can take it but I covered the rest up.I brought in a couple of things I had planted in pots.We're going to have a few more days of cold then hopefully its out of here! By the way going to get the blueberry plants this weekend.If they have anymore(Walmart).Don't know if they will do good here. Down 63 pounds,21 more pounds to go.

I copied the top part from FB while I had this on my mind this morning.I have my boards to set up my raised beds for this week.It's suppose to rain and its making me mad because the weekend is the only time I can get help but am going to try to do this myself. Next month gonna get more to setup.6 boards was only 18.00 so that was for 2 beds.I want to set up two more and that should do it for now. I'm trying  so hard this year for a bigger garden!!!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Something New to try this Year

This year on the garden menu will be buttercrunch lettuce,basil,eggplants,two kinds of tomatoes,cherry tomatoes,and two different kinds of peppers. Planted carrots yesterday and this weekend planting peas and three kinds of leaf lettuce. I hope I got this right this year and everything doesn't get ate or get blight like it did last year. In the meantime,believe it not I still have broccoli plants I overwintered that are still putting out! And I have a small rosemary that is still trying to grow.I also have lavender that is going to go outside as soon as this weather warms up.

Now if this rain would stop for abit and let us dry out but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Since I wrote the top paragraphs my seeds have come up except the eggplants and some of the peppers.But hopefully they will soon.I got my peas going and carrots,yet to see some life from them. I planted the peas where I grew the loofhas last year.And I got both sides of the trellis covered.
This weekend (hopefully without rain but suppose to) going to put in vertical trellis for the yard long and green beans.I guess I'm gonna put in raised beds this year.I was going to try for hugelkultur beds but after much thought  and reading,they attract snakes and mice and thats two things I don't need.i really wanted to make one but....

My weight loss is coming along pretty good. 60 pounds gone so far. It has however slowed down to a turtle crawl,hadn't really lost any since January but was told that was normal because the more weight I lose they slower it comes off.Ok. Plus my age too so.

That's what's up right now,not much until the garden gets going.I'll try to get pictures on here on the progress if I can get a camera.Or I can get my phone camera working.Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

First Time Making Jerky

Had a little bit of venison to make "other" stuff with so I decided to try my hand at making deer jerky.So far I have a stainless steel bowl setting in the fridge with slices of deer meat soaking in Dale's steak sauce and Worcestershire and onion powder,garlic powder and just a little soy sauce.The meat looks so good!.Will take a picture when I get done with it.

We have another cold front that came in this afternoon.It's really chilly tonight! The deer are moving around,seen three does last night.One of the does was really big.She has two smaller does with her but no fawns.

Deer jerky.Picture didn't come out too good.
Made it with Dale's steak sauce and Worcestershire sauce,soy sauce and garlic powder,onion powder.The soy sauce made it very salty but it did mellow out a bit after cooking.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Snow Picture

Not a lot of snow but it got icy at night. New camera might be coming soon.Got my eye on a Sony.

Chilling in the South

I'm sitting here with my door open today.Tomorrow will be another story.They say snow and ice,looking like it will stay north of here.It looks like it will miss me but can never tell.I can't wait really til next month.Gonna get those seeds started early. Been just raining and drizzling and just down right gloomy weather.Where's the sun?? I am beginning to not be a winter person anymore.I like the snow but this winter has been really icy. I guess it's because I can't get out in the yard,maybe I'm getting cabin fever.Whatever it is wished it would go away!

This was before the snow came!

Well it did snow and just enough to shut everything down for a couple days.There is a little snow on the ground.The deer have been out like crazy. Had a nice size buck come thru,looked like a 8 pointer.
Getting lots of new babies(fawns).

I went and bought a handful of seeds.Ok two handfuls.I kinda went nuts but I ended up getting green beans,tomatoes,swiss chard(I've never had swiss chard before)peppers,lettuce,zucchini,snow peas.I already had eggplant and lavendar.I need to still get parsley and sage and thyme and some rosemary.I am planning a BIG garden this year.I got pots and totes and a yard waiting to be filled.

I'm also going to try my hand at growing stevia. AND growing my own tea.We'll see how that goes.I made my own notebook this year and each plant has it's own page. I'm very excited about this and maybe I'll do better with this way of working it. I sat up this morning writing and reading online how to grow this and that.

My soap stuff is coming along fine.When the weather gets warmer I'll start soaping again,it's just too cold to do any right now. That also goes for tie dying too.

Since I quit smoking I need to keep myself busy and it 's great! I love the stuff I'm doing. I am always looking for things to do.And there is plenty to do around a homestead!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Oh Here Comes Winter!

Yep we are gonna get socked full force with Mr.Winter tomorrow. I have tried to insulated this crappy mobile home the best I could. My broccoli took a dive outside. We had too many cold days and nights for them to survive. BUT I have three broccoli plants inside and they are putting out! So cool. I went and had my walk  for today and I don't know when I'll be able to go again. I'm now down 51 pounds less than I was. 3 more and my sister-in-law said she was gonna throw me a party(yeah we'll see about that)My brother said "she'll probably serve ice cream and cake".No I don't think so! Ok maybe the low carb sugar free stuff.

I told hubstead I did not want to be here if the winter is gonna be this cold.We needed this though.The fleas and ticks were horrible and the we usually don't have snakes in the yard but this year we had a couple. One was a Copperhead. Not good with my dog walking around. On the other side,the other night,there was a big buck outside.The deer are in rut this time of the year here. He had a set of large antlers on him .I've never seen him around here and since then I haven't.There is alot of wooded area where we live. I hope he comes back through maybe I can get a picture of him without scaring him.

Oh remember I said I wanted to learn two things every year? My next thing,tie dyeing and learning how to pressure can. Canner,Santa didn't bring one so I got to buy that myself. Thanks Santa,you fat,sorry, never mind. Anyways,I'm planting a bigger garden next year(hubstead is not too happy with that)but beans are on the menu and tomatoes. I can't eat too many tomatoes on this diet but I can have a little. I can eat above ground vegetables and very little root veggies. Most root veggies have sugar and starches. I am growing peas,Snow peas which I can have those. I have all my stuff to fight the bugs and hopefully I won't get blight too. So next year is planned I hope.

We haven't done much work on the house in the last couple of years.The last thing we did was put a metal roof on. This is a rather large doublewide and its getting hard for me to take care of it. I'm wanting to sell it down the road but hubstead said no it'll be paid for. I'm wanting a small cabin on some flat land. Here we can't get out during the winter because we are on a hill. And to get out you have to go up another hill which it's paved and ice is very slick. I am not going to ruin my truck for anyone.But it hasn't been that bad.lots of things to still explore and I also was thinking about natural tie dying too. Got to do some looking on the internet for that.

Well that's it for now. I'll post some pictures if it snows.My camera is old and maybe it will work. So everyone have a great New Year!!!! Leave your worries and pain behind and start out fresh.